22 FEBRUARY 2019

Persian calendar view for android - افزونه تقویم فارسی اندروید

Flexible solar calendar for your android projects.

In our current project we needed a solar/persian calendar for the app. so i've searched a lot for it in existing libraries and all i've found was Ebrahim Byagowi's open-source persian calendar.

there were also some Hijri calendars but i didn't want them. so i decided to create my own calendar view plugin library and publish it. for achieving it, i read the source of byagowi's project and found out that its easily convertable to a seperate library. so i detached the calendar part from the application and did some changes and customizations to it and its now ready for use in your android projects. you can get it from my github repo : https://github.com/mirrajabi/persian-calendar-view.